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How to choose paper packaging cutting machine for different carton materials
AOYOO paper packaging cutting machine is suitable for cutting packaging materials. When cutting paper packaging, different thicknesses require different cutting machines. AOYOO CNC cutting machine can not only perfectly meet the cutting requirements of various thicknesses, but also ensure the neat cutting edge. Brings great productivity to users.
Release cloth cutting machine
The vibrating knife release cloth cutting machine supports the cutting of release cloth or glass fiber cloth or other fiber materials.
Automatic Carbon felt cutting machine | AOYOO digital cutting
It is recommended to use AOYOO Automatic carbon felt cutting machine, one machine can solve multiple processes, cutting edges and finishing, which doubles the production efficiency and adapts to the rhythm of the market.
How To Cut PDLC Smart Film | Smart glass cutting
Specially designed and customized cutting tool and knife blade, there is no delamination for the edge after cutting finish.welcome to learn AOL PDLC cutting machine
Foam EPE Packaging Material Die Cutting Machine
The packaging foam material cutting machine uses a blade machine to cut, which is environmentally friendly and efficient. The CNC cutting machine is equipped with intelligent optimized typesetting, saving more than 30% of the material cost.
The CNC cutting machine that doubles the annual profit of the packaging industry
The boss of the packaging industry, are you sure you don’t come to understand the Pearl cotton cutting machine that makes millions of dollars a year?
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