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Can the vibrating knife cutting machine cut self-adhesive?
Self-adhesive labels are now required by more and more industries, which leads to many manufacturers having large quantities of small orders to complete. Obviously, the current manual cutting can no longer meet the needs of manufacturers, which requires machine cutting , the vibrating knife cutting machine can perfectly cut the self-adhesive material, and it does not need a mold, just import the pattern to be cut into the computer to complete the cutting.
The vibrating knife cutter can cut so much material!
The vibrating knife cutting machine can cut a variety of flexible material industries, and the machine has fast cutting speed, simple operation, special-shaped cutting, and precise cutting without manual operation.
A comprehensive understanding of TPU composite fabric cutting equipment
The TPU composite fabric cutting machine is easy to operate, perfectly realizes the cutting shape you want, and the whole process is automated without manual intervention. It adopts high-efficiency and high-precision servo motors, which can realize intelligent cutting faster and more accurately. What are you waiting for, continue to learn more and more!
CNC cutting machine and manual comparison cutting advantages
In the process of daily flexible material processing, manual cutting and CNC cutting are often used. The quality of manual cutting is poor, and the cutting error is a large waste of materials. Especially under the influence of the current environment, the emergence of CNC cutting machines has saved a lot of Manufacturers, click to understand the advantages of CNC cutting machines compared with manual cutting!
How to use CNC cutting machine efficiently and avoid material waste
Many manufacturers always have the problem of material waste when cutting materials. The following article will introduce you a fully automatic intelligent CNC cutting machine with intelligent typesetting function, saving more than 30% of raw materials, not only saving raw materials, but also Save a lot of labor costs. Save at least a million dollars a year!
How to buy a digital cutting machine by agent?
Many foreign friends want to buy our machines. Our machines have special agents in many countries. Many buyers want to get the goods directly from the agents, but how to buy our digital cutting machines through agents is a lot of buyers. The most troublesome question, let me answer it for you below!
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