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Wind power blade cutting machine, vibrating knife to cut glass fiber cloth
Wind power blade cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses blades to cut, which reduces manual contact and does not produce debris. The vibrating knife cutting machine has been maturely used in the wind power industry and integrates automatic feeding and cutting of multi-layer fiberglass cloth. , and cutting are integrated into one, which greatly improves cutting efficiency and reduces labor costs. To learn more, please click continue reading!
AOL Pre-Insulated Pipe Cutting Machine for Flexible Material Cutting
What is Pre-Insulated Pipe? How to cut pre-insulated pipes in the traditional way, how to solve the disadvantages of traditional cutting, and what are the advantages of using pre-insulated pipe cutting machines?
You need to know how to choose the best leather cutting machine and software
The CNC cutter option is an important tool for companies that need to process leather materials. These leather materials can be accurately cut by leather cutting machines, so how to choose leather cutting software is the most troublesome for many people. This article will explain in detail what software AOL leather cutting machines have and the advantages and disadvantages of each software. !
Is it really so cool to use equipment to cut leather? What does this have to do with the factory aba
With the rapid development of today, intelligent technology has been gradually integrated into People's Daily life, and become an inseparable part of some products have become one of the daily necessities of most people. Therefore, to meet the market demand has become the biggest point, this article will introduce you to cut the relevant content, take you to understand the AOL leather cutting machine related content!
Vibrating knife cutting machine helps garment industry realize Industry 4.0
The appearance of the garment CNC vibrating knife cutting machine has brought hope to many businesses, reducing a lot of labor costs and raw material costs, and the appearance of the cutting machine closely follows the development of Industry 4.0. It is a new type of equipment that is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The following Read this article to learn about the clothing vibrating knife cutting machine!
What is a vibrating knife cutting machine? What materials can be cut?
Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research and development, production, processing and sales of automatic cutting machine equipment, covering industries including car mat cutting machine, vibrating knife cutting machine, carton cutting machine, fabric cutting machine, leather cutting machine , sponge cutting machine, foam cutting machine and other cutting equipment for flexible materials, if you want to know more, please read the full text to learn more!
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