Wind power blade cutting machine, vibrating knife to cut glass fiber cloth

Wind turbine blades are made of fiberglass cloth. Because wind turbine blades are very large, manual cutting is very difficult. Therefore, intelligent cutting equipment that surpasses manual labor is needed. The wind turbine blade cutting machine was developed from this.

Wind power blade cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses blades to cut, which reduces manual contact and does not produce debris. The vibrating knife cutting machine has been maturely used in the wind power industry and integrates automatic feeding and cutting of multi-layer fiberglass cloth. , and cutting are integrated into one, which greatly improves cutting efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Wind power blade cutting machine

Working principle of wind power fiberglass cloth cutting machine:

Place the rolled fiberglass cloth on the workbench, and place as many layers of material as you want to cut according to the customer's wishes. The roll and the workbench are automatically loaded simultaneously, and the workbench starts loading while working. After the cutting is completed, the material Automatically transport to the receiving table, and manually start collecting materials.

Cutting advantages of wind turbine blade cutting machine:

1. Fully automatic cutting, in line with the manufacturer’s advancement of digital cutting. The equipment is fully automated for cutting, achieving controllable production and saving a lot of costs.

2. High efficiency, can replace 4-6 manual workers, and the equipment operating speed reaches 2000mm/s.

3. High precision. Although the precision requirements for fiberglass cloth cutting are not that high, this equipment supports positioning 0.01mm.

4. Material-saving cutting, the equipment is equipped with computer automatic typesetting software, which can save more than 15% of materials compared with manual typesetting.

Performance advantages of wind power fiberglass cloth cutting machine:

1. Save costs for customers and promote the advantages of automated cutting.

2. The equipment uses imported accessories. Each accessory is compared after actual use. The failure rate and damage rate are among the best in the industry.

3. The aluminum alloy honeycomb platform has a partitioned adsorption platform, and three methods of partitioning according to the picture, following partitioning and manual partitioning can be selected to flexibly meet the cutting needs of customers.

4. Red light positioning, intuitively determine the pattern cutting position, and freely drag the pattern to move according to the size of the material.

Wind power fiberglass cloth cutting machines have cooperated with many manufacturers. If you are interested in our products or want to know more related knowledge, please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!

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