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Recommend to you the best machines and best-selling machines in the current industry, and will also provide you with the most suitable industry material cutting program. Welcome to consult the price of CNC digital cutting machine.
Apparel Textile Industry Cutting Machine
AOYOO is a professional manufacturer of CNC apparel textiles cutting machines . One-click import and cutting simplifies the operation process. Use Panasonic servo motors for precise high-speed cutting. Welcome check the price with us.
Advertising Industry Cutting Machine
AOYOO produces advertising material cutting machine, advanced CAD production system and fully compatible control system, suitable for cutting advertising materials, such as stickers, car films, pp paper, KT board paint cloth, etc. click to the price.
Carpet Industry Cutting Machine
AOYOO production CNC carpet cutting machines. The industrial vision system solves the problem of irregular shape cutting, and intelligent typesetting increases the material utilization rate by 10%. Welcome to check and contact us for the price.
Furniture Textile Cutting Machine
AOYOO specializes in the production of furniture textiles cutting machine. The speed accuracy of 2000mm/s is maintained at ±0.5mm, and the material utilization rate is increased by 10%.click to learn about automatic CNC cutting machine.
Leather Luggage Cutting Machine
AOYOO produces automatic leather cutting machines, which can automatically recognize contours and perform partition cutting, optimize layout rules and increase material utilization. Contact us for leather cutting machine prices.
Packing Industry Cutting Machine
AOYOO produces CNC cardboard cutting machines, carton cutting machines and automatic corrugated box making machines. Unique tool replacement solves various complicated cutting procedures. Click to learn about carton cutting machine price.
Gasket industry cutting machine
AOYOO is a professional manufacturer of CNC gasket cutting machine, a one-click import and typesetting system to achieve simple and fast operation, to achieve small batch customized Irregular shape high precisioncutting, welcome consult price for us.
Car Interior Products Cutting Machine
AOYOO specializes in the production of composite material CNC cutting machines, which use different knives to accurately cut different materials. The anti-static system of the whole machine provides a safe operating environment, Contact us for price
Composite Material Industry Cutting Machine
AOYOO is one of the professional composite Industry cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. We provide personalized customized industry cutting solutions, and contact us for prices.
Intelligent Blade Tool
We use CNC knife cutting replaced the laser cutting, and developed oscillating knife, drag knife, circular knife, kisscut, V-cut, creasing wheel (pinch roller), punching cutter, milling cutter and other several cutters, different cutters are grouped toget
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