Release cloth cutting machine

    The release cloth has good tear resistance and is stable at high temperatures. It is widely used in the composite forming process of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and wind power blade manufacturing. Among them, the release cloth is often used in the molding of wind power blades, so cutting It is the best to support cutting release cloth and glass fiber cloth at the same time.

    The vibrating knife release cloth cutting machine supports the cutting of release cloth or glass fiber cloth or other fiber materials. It has an automatic feeding device for multiple rolls and supports simultaneous feeding and cutting of multiple glass fiber cloth rolls. The working table can be customized for dozens The length of meters can fully satisfy the intelligent cutting of wind turbine blades, and it can also cut the release cloth material, which truly realizes multiple uses in one machine.


    It can be seen from the processing steps of wind power blades that the completed wind power blade processing needs to go through the steps of material preparation, cutting, curing, polishing, painting, etc. In the past, the cutting of wind power blades was mostly manual, but regardless of the manual cutting speed or the fiberglass cloth The harm to the human body will invisibly increase the production cost, and intelligent cutting equipment must be carried out.

    The demoulding cloth cutting machine can replace 4-6 laborers, and has multiple roll material automatic feeding equipment. The working principle of the equipment: manually put the material on the feeding rack, the computer enters the cutting pattern, the computer issues instructions to the equipment, and the equipment automatically spreads Material, multi-layer fabrics are automatically flattened on the worktable, which can realize cutting and feeding at the same time. The automatic multi-roll material feeding device has automatic correction function to realize accurate cutting of materials.

The release cloth cutting machine can minimize the manual contact with the glass fiber cloth material, the material's harm to the human body is minimized, and the phenomenon of powder will not appear during the cutting process. One device can be operated by 1-2 people, saving a lot of money Artificial.

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