How To Cut PDLC Smart Film | Smart glass cutting

What Is Smart PDLC Film?

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film consists of micron sized droplets of liquid crystal dispersed in an optically isotropic polymer matrix. By choosing appropriate combinations of liquid crystal and polymer material, the PDLC film can be electrically switched from a light-scattering or opaque “off state” to a non-scattering or transparent “on state”. In the “off state”, the PDLC film appears milky white due to the refractive index mismatch encountered by incoming light at the liquid crystal/polymer interface.

Laminated Smart Glass - Gauzy

How Does PDLC Film Work?

PDLC  is an active smart glass technology meaning it needs electricity to turn on and off. When a low voltage is applied (the ON state), the molecules align into a formed manner, allowing light to pass straight through, and making the glass transparent. As electricity is turned off, the LC molecules scatter randomly again, breaking the passage of light and turning the glass opaque.

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Advantage of Knife Cutting Smart PDLC Film

1. No Delamination

Specially designed and customized cutting tool and knife blade, there is no delamination for the edge after cutting finish.

2. No bending or folding PDLC Film

The flat vacuum cutting table guarantee that the PDLC material is flat and firmly fixed on the cutting table. There is no bending or folding during the process.

3. High Cutting Accuracy

The smart film cutting machine equipped with Japan Panasonic servo motor and driver for transmission system, the PDLC film cutting accuracy is within 0.05 ~ 0.1mm.

4. Fast Cutting Speed

Our PDLC smart film knife cutting machine adopts advanced digital Kinco control system, and the cutting speed can reach to 120m/min by optimizing the cutting path.

5. No Cutting Limit

Regarding the cutting size or patterns, there is no limit with our CNC knife cutting machine, you can cut any size or pattern as you want.

6. Save Cost

Automatic nesting software for option, reduce the material waste and save cost.


Application of Switchable PDLC Smart Film

1. Residence

Windows, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Roof-lights, Kitchen and Living Room Partitions, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Partitions, Shower Screens, etc.

Residence PDLC Smart Film

2. Commercial Area

Business Office, Meeting Rooms , Shop Windows, Showcases, Retail Stores, Advertising, Displays, Bank & Teller Counters, Train Station & Airport Ticket Windows, etc.

Meeting Room PDLC Smart Film

3. Privacy Space

Hotel Lobby, Bedroom/Bathroom Partitions Screens, Toilet Partitions, Balconies, Bars, Clubs, SPA, Restaurants, etc.

hotel bathroom PDLC smart film

4. Public Place

Banks, Post Offices, Courts, Police Stations, Prisons, Monitoring Rooms, Command Centers, City Halls, etc.

bank pdlc smart film

5. Arts & Culture

Museums, Exhibitions, Live or Automated Interactive Shows, Video/Game Displays, etc.

Exhibition PDLC Smart Film

6. Automotive skylight and glass

Automotive PDLC Smart Film

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