Foam EPE Packaging Material Die Cutting Machine

EVA foam cutting machine for packaging protection material patterm cutting

AOYOO's CNC knife cutting machine it an ideal for carton/box making and foams cutting.

This is a multifunction cutting machine, realizes standard cutting, angling/V cutting, drawing and more functions.
Special design can cut materials up to 100mm.

AOYOO machine works without die, any shape, any design can become a product in seconds.

Cutting controlled by computer, upload any DXF / PLT format to the machine, it will cut according to it quickly and accurately.

Dieless cutting machine supply the maximum flexibility to help our customer suit the changing requests. 

Cutting by knife, edge will be smooth and clean.

With universal module, different cutting tools can be replaced immediately, then realize different functions.

 EVA foam cutting machine material

There are some advantages about oscillating knife cutting machine

1. machine working, realize 24 hours efficient & uninterrupted cutting.

2. cnc cutting, recognize pattern from computer, any design can become a product in no time.
3. It cuts by knife, physical cutting not react with materials, no smoke and smell will produce during cutting, more environmental-friendly.
4. easy to operate, one person who is inexperience can learn it within one day. 
5. future maintenance is easy and safer. 

EVA foam cutting machine

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