Water bladder cutting machine

What are the materials of the water bladders

The main purpose of the water storage bladders is to store water. It is mainly suitable for outdoor use. The main materials are PVC, PU, interlayer materials, etc. The materials belong to the category of soft materials. AOL CNC cutting machine can realize cutting, and for other composite materials. , Can achieve perfect cutting effect.

Advantage of AOYOO Water bladder cutting machine

1. The physical cutting method replaces laser cutting, which will not pollute the environment and provide a working environment for safety belts.

2. Choose hard tungsten steel material as the blade, cutting hard composite materials can also bring high-quality cutting results

3. Independently research and develop CNC cutting system, intelligently optimize layout, increase material utilization rate by 30%, and save economic cost

4. Infrared + anti-static double safety system, to provide safety guarantee for the staff.

5. The most simplified operating system ensures that the staff can operate the machine in a short time and cut quickly.

6. Free combination and collocation of a variety of knives to ensure the best cutting effect for each material.

advantage of Water bladder cutting machine

Reasons for choosing AOYOO Water bladder cutting machine

1. Advanced brand: Ten years of industry experience accumulation, better understanding of user needs

2. R & D advantages: a number of patented technologies, so that the company has a deep deposit

3. Quality assurance: All products have passed European CE certification. U.S. FDA certification

4. High-quality materials: All CNC cutting machine accessories are selected from leading brands in the industry.

5. Advanced technology: adopting global advanced technology, industry leaders develop and design.

6. High efficiency: implement one-to-one service to improve the efficiency of corporate feedback

7. Personalized customization: It has development and design functions to optimize customer creativity and imagination.

8. After-sales service: long-term warranty, you can contact us at any time if quality problems occur within 24 hours

AOL service

1) Three-year free warranty (except vulnerable parts), free inspection and maintenance of main components.

2) Lifetime free technical upgrade service and one-to-one professional after-sales service are always the same.

3) The wearing parts (such as blades, workbench cover) are always provided at cost price.

4) We will conduct free operation training or send detailed training videos.

5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages.

6) When users need it, we will provide professional on-site services.

Packing details of Water bladder cutting machine

1. Full film packaging machine (to prevent moisture)

2. Anti-collision edging

3. Wooden box packaging (standard specifications)

4. A warning sign is posted on the packaging box

5. Communicate packaging according to user requirements

packaging of Water bladder cutting machine

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Water bladder cutting machine

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