Flexible Plastics Digital Cutter

AOYOO-6090 series cutting plotter is a model with superior speed and accuracy. Supported by a DSP control center and digital servo motor, it wins the market by its best cost-performance. The flexible plastics digital cutter has two tool-holders on the head and is universal for inserts of cutting knifes, scoring tools or plotting pens. One cutting plotter can maximize the application range. The flexible plastics digital cutter is equipped with various kinds of cutting and impressing blades and can be used in the cutting, plotting and impressing of many materials such as PVC board, PP board and white card paper. The flexible plastics digital cutter helps you save time while reducing the cost. It is able to process cardboards, paper, PVC, film, sticker, etc. The maximum cutting depth is up to 2mm, depending on material density. 

Technical parametersAOYOO-6090
Effective working area600*900mm
Multi-function cutting headThe combination of Multi-function cutting head and holders, be with full cut, kisscut, creasing wheel,v-cut and laser red light positioning functions, CCD positioning, Camera extract large contour to cut
ToolsOscillating knife, Milling tool, pneumatic knife, V-cut, crease wheel, kiss cut, drag knife
Overall size2420*970*1280mm  L'W'H
Moving speed800-1500mm/s
Repeat precIsion±0.05mm
InterfaceEnternet port
Control panelLCD touch screen
Drive systemImported servo motor, linear guid, synchronous belt, screw
Cutting materialPaperboard, grey board, KT board, pvc foam board, honeycomb board, car sticker, lamp piece, PP Adhesive material, printing cloth, banner cloth, all kinds of corrugated board, EPE foam, EVA, PVC board, acrylic board, thick foam and so on
Instruction systemHP- GL Compatible format
Rated power2. 2KW
Rated voltage220V
Cutting thickness≤50mm(According to different material)
Material fixed wayVacuum adsorption
Auto feeding systemAcuum sucker adsorpting sheet

Machine configuration

Features of flexible plastics digital cutter:

1) Traceless knife: The design draft in AI and PS is exported to be dxf and it is sent to the controlling software, AOYOO; and then the following process could be implemented automatically without the production of knife model, which save the time and cost of model shaping. Press the “Printing” to finish the cutting and indentation. 

2). Multi-functional rapid paper sending production: Aoyoo-6090 only takes 30-60s to handle the label or card paper at the size of 3A paper, and the time is decided by the complexity of the shape.

3). Convenient operation:The AOYOO software system is powerful and easy to operate, which is one of the important features of flexible plastics digital cutter. Just have a video tutorial or manual you can  quickly master the operation of AOYOO.

4). Automatic extraction of cutting paths:No need complicated cutting path design, the cutting path can be automatically generated directly.

Applicable materials of flexible plastics digital cutter:

Kt board, pp paper, car sticker, bonding film, light box paper, sticker, printing cloth, card paper, corrugated paper, honeycomb panel, gray board, foam board, chevron board, acrylic, aluminum composite panel, abs board, mdf, pvc, flag banner, soft film, corrugated box, vinyl, etc. 

Applicable materials

About AOL

AOYOO has built its reputation on the superior turn around time we offer on both our quotations and packaging solution. With in house design capabilities, we can accommodate our customers’ every packaging needs including customised cardboard boxes. “No packaging solution is too hard, some just require a little more thought.” AOYOO can help you create innovative boxes and stands to protect and display your products.

The AOYOO-6090 series cutting plotter is a CE certified product. We offer an English LCD menu. We welcome custom orders.

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AOYOO’s main products include smart blade cutting machines, which can cut flexible materials in a variety of different industries and allow auxiliary cutting tools to work together, and our staff are professional in providing solutions for various industries. Welcome to consult!
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