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AOYOO CNC rug cutting machine is very suitable for cutting carpet materials, whether it is rug type, carpet type or mat type, or you are a small batch custom merchant, rug cutting machine can achieve perfect cutting for you and ensure that it will not cause pollution to the environment .

Technical parameters / model




Accept unconventional model customization

Effective working area




Multi-head optional

Double head optional efficiency doubled, double gantry optional, double head mutual shift optional, length can be customized

Multi-function tool

Vibrating knife full cutting, high power active round knife, punching tool, pneumatic knife, multi-layer knife

safety devices

Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable

Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material

Material fixing method

Vacuum partition adsorption

Transmission port

Network port

Transmission system

The X\Y axis is divided into two kinds of rack or belt

rated power


Rated voltage

380V±10%/220V±10% Optional

Control System

Chinese and English LCD touch screen

Operating environment

Operating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH


Automatic nesting software, template entry software(Optional)

Support file format


Overall size




Feature of rug cutter

1. Intelligent large visual recognition printing special technology, carpet industry material special technology, automatic edge-finding cutting process, solving the problem of cutting printed carpets

2. AOYOO self-developed one-key import software, import the file to start cutting, low technical requirements

3. Taiwan linear guide drive system, accuracy error ±0.1mm

4. AOYOO is equipped with a tool quick change module, which saves time and realizes efficient cutting.

rug cutter

Application of rug cutter

AOYOO CNC carpet cutting machine can easily cut commercial large-area art carpets or household small-area living carpets, machine-made carpets or handmade carpets, artificial turf or carpets of different textile types. You only need to match a suitable blade to cut carpets with regular or irregular patterns.

material of carpet

Advantage of rug cutter

1. The carpet cutting machine of industrial vision system developed by AOYOO can realize small batch cutting or cutting of special-shaped materials.

2. The carpet cutting machine is equipped with a Panasonic servo motor system, which provides stable and continuous cutting power and improves production efficiency by at least four times.

3. The Super Nesting software provides the best cutting layout plan according to the cutting path, saving 10% of materials and saving huge material costs every year.

4. The carpet cutting machine has obtained 8 invention patents at home and abroad, professionally providing solutions for manufacturing carpet cutting machines.

5. For carpet materials of different hardness and material, we are equipped with vibrating knives, round knives, bevel knives and auxiliary cameras to provide the most suitable material cutting tools.

details of rug cutting machine


1. Industry-leading brand: Professionally engaged in the R&D and production of CNC cutting machines and cutting tools for ten years.

2. Quality Assurance: All AOYOO products have passed CE certification and US FDA certification, and they are all certified products.

3. Professional after-sales service: We will provide one-to-one service to users to improve the efficiency of machine problem solving.

patent certificate.png

Delivery time of rug cutter

We have our own factory. After you place an order, we will start to produce the CNC cutting machine you need. At the same time, we will make a reasonable delay according to the order volume of the current month. Our delivery time is about 15-20 days on average. The CNC cutting machine can also be produced according to the delivery time you need. Please leave a message for specific information.

Shipping price

First of all, you have to tell us the port location of your delivery. Our staff will estimate the approximate freight according to your requirements. If you have special requirements for the delivery method, you can also negotiate with our sales staff.

Package of rug cutter

1. Full film packaging machine

2. Anti-collision edging

3. Wooden box packaging,

4. A warning sign is posted on the package.

packing of rug cutting machine

About the warranty policy

Our standard warranty period is calculated from the completion of the delivery. We provide you with a three-year warranty service and professional machine maintenance and maintenance.

The updated maintenance of machine parts is always sold to customers at the lowest price.

AOL has been specialized in manufacturing CNC cutting machines for 14 years and has now become a leading brand in the industry. We have served more than 8,000 customers worldwide. Our professionalism has also been recognized by many users. At the same time, we are very Through users, we have provided professional cutting solutions for the industry. If you encounter problems with cutting materials in the industry, we can provide you with free consultation and advice services!

AOYOO’s main products include smart blade cutting machines, which can cut flexible materials in a variety of different industries and allow auxiliary cutting tools to work together, and our staff are professional in providing solutions for various industries. Welcome to consult!
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