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Digital paper die cutting machine is a digital cutting machine that is very suitable for cutting sample materials. The linear guide drive system provides stable and high precision cutting, with an accuracy of ±0.1mm. It is equipped with an industrial vision system, no need to import path files, and the CNC cutting machine automatically Recognizing pattern cutting, saving 30% of labor costs, intelligently optimized layout to increase material utilization by 10%, professional after-sales service experience for ten years, is a reliable manufacturer of CNC cutting machines.

Technical parameters / model



Effective working area



Multi-function tool

Vibrating knife full cut, semi-cutting cut, indentation, drawing mark, cursor positioning, camera positioning edge cutting, high power active round knife

safety devices

Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable

Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material

Applicable materials

Knitting, woven, fur (sheep shearing), PU leather, oxford cloth, canvas, sponge, imitation leather, cotton linen, blended fabric etc. All kinds of clothing, bags, sofa fabrics and carpet fabric etc

Material fixing method

Vacuum partition adsorption

Transmission port

Network port

Transmission system

The X\Y axis is divided into two kinds of rack or belt

rated power


Rated voltage

380V±10%/220V±10% Optional

Control System

Chinese and English LCD touch screen

Operating environment

Operating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH

Support file format


Overall size



feature of Digital paper die cutting machine

1. The intelligent blade replaces the traditional cutting method, ensuring the cutting quality and reducing the inconsistency of professional technicians.

2. Suitable for small batch customization and cutting samples, both cutting quality and cutting speed can be guaranteed.

3. The powerful industrial vision system can realize the cutting of irregular graphics, as well as the precise cutting of printing materials

4. AOYOO uses smart blades instead of laser cutting, which will not cause environmental pollution, and the operating environment of employees is also safe.

5. AOYOO CNC cutting machine is not only used for simple cutting, but with the help of projectors, cameras and other tools to optimize creativity and realize creative ideas.

Advantage of Digital paper die cutting machine

1. AOYOO CNC independently designed the one-key import function to simplify the operation and directly start cutting by adjusting the knife depth parameters.

2. Choose Japan's Panasonic servo system to provide stable and continuous cutting power.

3. Choose Taiwan linear guide drive to ensure cutting accuracy and delivery quality

4. The whole machine is equipped with an infrared safety sensor system to ensure a safe operating environment

5.digital paper die cutting machine has won 7 patents technology certifications at home and abroad

packaging of Digital paper die cutting machine

1. Outer packing: standard seaborne export plywood box.

2. Inner packaging: stretchable film and plastic film to prevent moisture.

3Before shipping, you will be informed of the specific shipping volume specifications.

If you have special requirements, we can negotiate friendly.


There are many options for transportation, and the default is sea transportation. If you have special requirements, please specify in advance.

Price, according to your destination informahttps://www.aoyoocut.com/tion, transaction method, transportation method, we will provide you with a specific quotation.

AOYOO after service of

our service

1) Three-year free warranty (except for wearing parts), and free main parts

2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service

3) Wearable parts (such as blades, workbench covers) are always available at cost when needed.

4) Free operation training is conducted in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send detailed training videos.

5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages.

6) On-site technical support can be provided when needed.

pack and ship

AOYOO is an industry-leading brand with 14 years of experience in the industry. We have served more than 8,000 customers worldwide and received satisfactory evaluations. There are many customers who have been long-term and stable cooperation. We provide many customers with In order to provide a personalized industry material cutting solution, if you encounter problems with industry material cutting, we can provide you with free consultation and advice services!

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AOYOO’s main products include smart blade cutting machines, which can cut flexible materials in a variety of different industries and allow auxiliary cutting tools to work together, and our staff are professional in providing solutions for various industries. Welcome to consult!
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