CNC cardboard box making machine

AOYOO CNC cardboard box making machine is very suitable for carton cutting. The intelligent system is linked with high-precision transmission rails. The cutting edges are neat and smooth, and the accuracy is maintained at ±0.3mm. Intelligent cutting replaces manual or semi-automatic cutting, saving 30% Labor costs, to achieve rapid capital recovery.

Technical parameters / model



Effective working area



Multi-function tool

Vibrating knife full cut, semi-cutting cut, indentation, drawing mark, cursor positioning, camera positioning edge cutting, high power active round knife

safety devices

Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable

Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material

Applicable materials

Knitting, woven, fur (sheep shearing), PU leather, oxford cloth, canvas, sponge, imitation leather, cotton linen, blended fabric etc. All kinds of clothing, bags, sofa fabrics and carpet fabric etc

Material fixing method

Vacuum partition adsorption

Transmission port

Network port

Transmission system

The X\Y axis is divided into two kinds of rack or belt

rated power


Rated voltage

380V±10%/220V±10% Optional

Control System

Chinese and English LCD touch screen

Operating environment

Operating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH

Support file format


Overall size



Feature of CNC cardboard  box making machine

1. The platform is equipped with a detection device to automatically adjust the pressure of the cutting knife to achieve horizontal platform cutting and high-quality cutting results.

2. There are many optional auxiliary tools, projectors, high-definition digital cameras, to help perfect cutting.

3. The smart blade replaces laser cutting to protect the environment without pollution and provide a safe operating environment.

4. Regular blade replacement, quick replacement, reduce production pause time and improve production efficiency.

Advantage of  CNC cardboard  box making machine

1. The CNC panel has a one-key import, which simplifies the operation, and the import can start cutting.

2. Strong compatibility: realize multi-format file compatibility, no need to convert fixed format

3. Choose Japan's Panasonic servo motor to promote the strong power of the European Union and increase the production efficiency more than four times.

4. Unique combination of intelligent blades and auxiliary tools, one CNC cutting machine realizes multiple cutting processes.

5.This model has won 7 patents technology certifications at home and abroad

CNC cardboard  box making machine detial

CNC cardboard  box making machine application

Packaging of  CNC cardboard  box making machine

1. Outer packaging: standard seaborne export plywood box. Filled with soft material to prevent collision

2. Inner packaging: stretchable film and plastic film to prevent moisture. Soft material wrapping machine parts

3. Personalization: If you have special requirements for packaging, you can negotiate friendly.

<img src="/upload/default/20200916/98ccd31a6584010f61b08a994e534890.jpg" title="CNC cardboard  box making machine packaging" alt="CNC cardboard  box making machine packaging"/

8 reasons to choose AOYOO

1. Advanced brand: AOYOO has been engaged in smart blade cutting machines for 10 years, with high professional recognition

2. R & D advantages: AOYOO CNC cutting machine R & D team has a number of patented technologies.

3. Quality assurance: All products have passed European CE certification. US FDA certification

4. High-quality materials: All CNC cutting machine accessories are selected from leading brands in the industry.

5. Advanced technology: multinational experts advanced technology, technical support

6. High efficiency: implement one-to-one service to improve the efficiency of corporate feedback

7. Personalized customization: The most suitable machine with development and design functions to realize user creativity.

8. After-sales service: Three-year warranty service, 24-hour online after-sales service, so that you can get the best solution.    

AOYOO Patent And Certification.jpg

     AOYOO is specialized in providing professional cutting services for small batch customization or sample cutting users. Our CNC cutting machine focuses on the cutting of flexible materials, and we continue to improve the functions of the CNC cutting machine to simplify the complex and make users more satisfied. Experience.

    If you want to know more about the performance and characteristics of the CNC cutting machine, please leave a message about your information so that we can provide you with a professional answer.

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AOYOO’s main products include smart blade cutting machines, which can cut flexible materials in a variety of different industries and allow auxiliary cutting tools to work together, and our staff are professional in providing solutions for various industries. Welcome to consult!
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